Система парсинга и мониторинга

eRepBox Server ver 2.7.3

eRepbox is a unique system of parsing, monitoring and publishing eRepublik data. The history of statistics collection begins in the distant 2010 in the era of Erepublik V1. In the summer of 2017, i began the reconstruction of the project - effective methods and data collection tools were introduced. The team eRepbox - an hardware specialist, software developer, web designer and others in one person. Slowly but surely, the project is moving forward, achieving new successes and horizons.

    The system consists of several systems (modules):
  • Activity Tracking System (ATS)

    System monitors players online, making the parsing of this page every 15 minutes. The advantage of this system (and for all others) is the complete archiving of data, i.e. you can see the activity of the player for any day or even an hour.
  • System of Parsing Profiles

    Based on the ATS, the system creates a list of players that need to be parsed. However, the parsing of the profile does not happen immediately - only after 6 hours (near the end of erep day the rule ceases to function and all profiles are parsed in a row). This is done in order to evenly parse players who are constantly sitting in the game, and players who come in once. Also there is a forced parsing mode, when the system creates separate list of players, which is added to the common parsing list once every 3-4 hours. This approach guarantees 100% of the parsing profile per day at least once (maybe several).

  • System Monitoring RSEP (Rank/Strength/Experience/Packs)

    When parsing profiles, the system records RSEP indicators in a separate archive by days, which allows you to track the dynamics of the player's performance (however, only the last value per day records in the archive). The main advantage - no cumulative data, only archived data. The archive period is not limited to one month. Also in the archive are data on the use of packs, which in itself is a unique statistics.
  • System Targeting Damage

    A unique system for parsing the damage of players from battles, and the subsequent storage of these data in the archive. Parsing statistics takes place every 15 minutes. You can at any time see where, who and how much damage. However, one hundred percent guarantee of fixing all the damage is not. There are some restrictions on the number of hits to the statistics of battles, as there are game restrictions - if the game does not show the statistics, the system will not be able to track it. In normal battles in the vast majority of cases, the damage is tracked correctly.
  • Project Air Unit

    The system of tracking the activity of pilots and their encouragement. Mainly duplicates another project - Russian Air Squad. Projects Air Unit and Air Squad belong to different systems and are completely independent. Historically, the Air Unit appeared earlier, but due to some problems with the developer of eRepbox, the Russian government has developed another system, which is still in use. Both projects, although independent, they are based on common principles and formulas. However, formulas for each country can be selected individually by agreement with the developer.
  • Some notes (reservations)

    * The entire amount of data is stored locally on the server, and only a portion is published on the site. The system of parsing and the site itself are independent. Consider this when you offer me new ideas.

    * Data from the local server is sent to the site every 3 hours.

    * You can offer new ideas that relate only to the publication of data on the site. The data collection system can only be changed at the discretion of the developer (me). The recipe is simple - if the collected data does not suit you - there are alternative projects.

    * The developer does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the data, moreover - this goal is not even there. My goal is to collect as many comprehensive, unique data as possible.

    * The developer does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the system, since the system itself is assembled on old hardware, uses the most common Internet network and is connected to a normal source of electricity. All this can sometimes break.

    * The site will be localized in the future.


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Широкий диапозон данных доступен для парсинга, мониторинга и анализа.


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